CRRC may set offshore CB revival in train

CRRC may set offshore CB revival in train

CRRC's $1 billion offshore convertible bond plan, approved less than a month after a new regulatory regime came into force, could be a boon for equity-linked bankers.
It may take more than an enhanced dividend and improved share-swap ratio to win shareholder approval for the $12.4 billion merger, a deal tied to Li's reorganisation of his ...
Price guidance for the share sale expected later this month would make China's biggest reinsurer one of the cheapest listed insurance companies in Hong Kong.
The Chicago-based law firm expands its corporate finance business in China, tapping veteran Lu Mengyu from rival Kirkand.
Market volatility prompts bankers to repackage IPOs, with downward price adjustments an obvious sign of the times.
Scorching competition in the online-to-offline sector motivated the former rivals to agree to the merger, creating a Chinese O2O heavyweight capable of taking on Baidu's Nuomi.


How will the renminbi devaluation most affect corporate finance activity over the next six months?

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Less demand for equity and debt issues as investors flee to to other markets
Chinese companies seal fewer mergers and acquisitions as their purchasing power falls
Fewer Chinese companies issue US dollar debt as the renminbi remains weak
More Chinese companies turn to onshore bond markets
There won’t be much impact


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