Upcoming Conferences

  • Brexit Briefing

    11 July 2016
    Hong Kong

    With the UK voting narrowly to leave the EU, questions remain over what this will actually mean for both UK and international companies in both the near and long term. How will it affect Asian companies with an existing presence in Europe? What will be the legal ramifications of a “Brexit”? How will “Brexit” effect foreign investment into the UK? These are just some of the more pressing questions that need to be addressed. Join our “Brexit Briefing” to hear our panel of experts discuss these and many more questions to help you navigate the myriad of possibilities that this unprecedented event has thrust upon the business world.

  • 8th Corporate Treasury & CFO Summit - Philippines

    16 August 2016

    The 8th Annual Corporate Treasury & CFO Summit Philippines will attract over 400 corporate treasurers, CFOs, finance directors, treasury and cash management professionals, and transaction bankers from leading Philippine and international banks and corporations to discuss strategies in regional and macro economics including the implementation of ASEAN, treasury, funding, cash management, taxes, governance, hedging, risk, and professional development in one of Asia’s top emerging economies.

  • Compliance Summit Southeast Asia

    24 August 2016

    The Compliance Summit Southeast Asia will bring together 300 Compliance and Legal heads from financial and non-financial corporations from across Asia to discuss compliance risks and organisational strategies helping to understand and ensure compliance with regional and global regulations and to fight against corruption in your operations.

  • Corporate Treasury & CFO Summit - Australia

    14 September 2016

    A 1 day conference helping Australian CFOs and Treasurers negotiate the complexities of Asian cash and trade.

  • 3rd Annual Fund Selector Forum Asia

    10 November 2016
    Hong Kong

    The Fund Selector Forum is as an exclusive gathering for the heads of fund selection from Asia’s largest fund distribution platforms as well as private banks/wealth managers and independent financial advisors.

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