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Issue: May 2012

Issue: May 2012

Last August we listed the 20 most powerful women in Asia’s financial markets in a cover story that is still frequently read online. This year, we cast the net further. We asked banks to list their top women in the region and then we looked at what types of jobs they filled. Not surprisingly, there were far more women in private banking, research, transaction banking, corporate communications and human resources than on trading floors. We look at reasons for this and how the landscape is changing so that a woman can not only make it in any role, but find a reasonable number of mentors for guidance.

Elsewhere in this issue we continue to cast a light on Europe, looking at what options its borrowers have in raising money. Given the scepticism for the continent, we’ve included a tongue-in-cheek essay on solutions for the eurozone.

As always, we have a smorgasbord of regional coverage: from a profile on UOB (Thai) to a look at how Korean corporations should step out on the world stage more as they have cash and strong management teams. We also update readers on the pilot programme in Wenzhou that finally recognises the importance of China’s shadow financial system, but fails to tackle the key issues. And we talk to a public relations specialist about China’s corporate image and how that impacts investor sentiment.

I hope you enjoy the issue.

Lara Wozniak, Editor

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Deal of the month
Haitong Securities’ $1.67 billion IPO

Primary Markets
A summary of key equity and
debt deals

Bought and Sold
M&A transactions that stood out

Asia in Numbers
Offbeat numbers from the region

Month in Asia
Political and conomic news briefs

Investor Dialogue
Gigi Chan, manager of the Threadneedle China Opportunities Fund

People on the Move
News of the latest hires and moves

Reel Lessons
The Iron Lady



What glass ceiling?
Women bankers talk about the barriers they face in the industry and how they are working to increase the number of female managing directors

Wanted: More women bankers
Headhunters explain the problems they encounter when trying to find senior women bankers for jobs


Bringing light to shadow banking
A pilot scheme in Wenzhou finally recognises the importance of China’s shadow financial system, but fails to tackle the key issue

Clearing their name
Financial PR’s Kathy Zhang says savvy investors will find opportunities in China



Broadening horizons
Sovereigns are re-evaluating where to put their money in Europe

Getting creative
How can sovereigns win over nervous investors?

Rapid fluctuations frustrate investors in European sovereign bonds
Expect bond yields and sentiment to remain volatile

In denial
A solution to the financial crisis



Crouching trader hidden liquidity
Traders search for better pricing but is it a problem for liquidity?

Thankless task
Lack of coherence in the regulatory systems in Asia is frustrating the electronic trading community

The robot is coming to life
United Overseas Bank is making a grab for more market share in Thailand

Brunei’s exploration into new energy dynamic
Will the resources last?

Time for Korea Inc to spread its wings
Will political uncertainty constrain their ambitions?

Asia-Pacific Debt Investor Forum
Photos of the event



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