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Issue: March/April 2017

There are few better examples of the importance of China than the magazine you’re holding in your hands. 

Although FinanceAsia continues to be an English-language publication, we have translated a selection of our China-focused articles into Mandarin. This ensures that delegates at the upcoming BOAO Forum in Hainan, which we are proud to support, can get our insights in a language of their choosing. We have also dedicated much of our space to covering the oppportunities — and risks — now facing the Middle Kingdom.

Two feature articles on mergers and acquisitions in China illuminate two of the challenges facing executives and investors. The struggle by private equity firms to exit some of their investments in the country — often to replace them with newer China plays — and the efforts by Chinese food companies to buy overseas both come under scrutiny.

The rise of non-performing loan securitisation is the subject of Watch This Space, a regular column highlighting key areas for investors and executives to keep their eyes on in the coming years. The clampdown on China’s insurance sector is discussed in Reformist, another regular section that pushes for sensible financial market policy from Asian regulators.

But although the sheer size and opportunity of China’s market often dominates discussion, Asia has a rich variety of economies and financial markets that are worth paying attention to. 

Perhaps the clearest example of the sheer diversity of the region comes in our ranking of Asia’s finance ministers, which identifies the best — and the worst — stewards of growth across the region. 

In Sri Lanka, we examine plans to build a financial hub that local officials promise will outshine Singapore. Rising political risks across the region, the emergence of covered bonds, a regulatory clampdown in Hong Kong, and infrastructure investment in Australia also come under the spotlight. 

There is little doubt that China is only going to get stronger. But its impressive growth is part of a wider story — one of a whole region that is sure to create immense wealth and opportunity in the decades to come. 


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