Debt Pipeline

Last Updated: 10 April 2015
Country Issuer Sector Instrument Type Amount Lead Manager Launch
Bangladesh  Banglalink Digital   Tech  Dollar bond  $300 million  Citi  Roadshow: Apr 8 
China  Agile  Property  Dollar bond    StanChart  Roadshow: Jan 5 
  Agriculture Bank of China  Financial  dim sum      Post Summer 
  Aluminum Corp of China  Construction  Dollar perp    ANZ/HSBC/NATIX   
  Anton Oilfield  Oil & gas  144a/Reg S    Citi, MS   
  Baidu        Goldman, JP Morgan   
  Baidu        Goldman, JP Morgan   
  Bank of China  Financials  Tier 1       
  Bank of Communications  Financials  Reg S dollar note    ANZ, BoCom HK, BoCom International, HSBC, SCB, UBS  Roadshow: Apr 14 
  Baoxin Auto  Auto  Dollar bond    Morgan Stanley, UBS   
  Beijing Enterprise Water        DBS, DB, StanChat, HSBC, UBS   
  BoCom  Financials   Reg S Basel III Tier 2 bond in EUR+USD    JPM, DB, Citi, HSBC, CS, BoCom Int   
China   CAR Inc  Auto rental company  144A/Reg S dollar bond    CS, DB, StanChart  Roadshow: Jan 5 
China  China Cinda Asset Management   Financial  Reg S/144A dollar bond    BAML, BOCI, MS, UBS, CS  Roadshow: May 2 
  China Citic Bank  Financial  Basel III-compliant Tier 2    Banco Bilbao/GS/HSBC/RBS   
China   China Construction Bank  Financials   Dollar bond  Benchmark  BOC, BAML, HSBC, SCB  June 24 
China  China Construction Bank  Financial  Dim Sum       
China   China Huarong  Asset management  Dollar bond    CS, StanChart, Wing Lung   
China  China Longyuan Power        Citic, GS, MS, UBS   
  China Mengniu Dairy  Consumer  Dollar    Barclays, DB, HSBC, SC   
  China Overseas Land & Investment   Property   Dollar bond    BOCI/BNP Paribas/Citi/CLSA/HSBC/JPMorgan   
  China Shenhua  Coal  Dollar bond  1500     
  China State Construction        BAML, CICC, Barclays   
China   China State Construction     Dollar bond       
  China State Construction     Dollar bond    BAML, CICC, DB   
  China State Construction     Dollar bond    BAML, CICC, DB   
China  China Tianrui Group Cement  Industrial  dollar bond    Deutsche    
  China Zhengtong Auto  Auto  Dollar bond    JP Morgan   
  Citic Bank International  Financial  Basel III AT1       
  Citic Securities    credit enhanced dollar bond    Citic, BOC,Citi, HSBC, StanChart, BoAML, DB, Credi   
China   Citic Telecom         Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered, UBS   
China  Cosco Finance        BOCI, HSBC   
  Country Garden  Property  Dollar bond       
  Dalian Wanda  Property  Reg S     BAML, Barclays,GS, HSBC, UBS  Postponed 
  Delong  Steel      Credit Suisse  Deferred 
  Franshion Properties  Real Estate  dollar bond    Deutsche Bank, RBS   
China   GCL Poly        BOCI, BNP, RBS,StanChart  Deferred 
  Geely Automobile  Automobiles  144A/Reg S bond    Citi, DB, JPM   
  Greenland  Property  Dollar bond    BOCI, DB, HSBC, JPM   
China  Greenland  Property  Dollar bond    BOCI, CS, HSBC, JPM, MS   
  Haitong International  Financials  Dollar bond    DB, Haitong, KGI Sec  Roadshow: Sept 1 
  Haitong Securities  Financial  Dollar bond    BOC/DB/Haitong International    
  Honghua Group  Oil & gas  144A/Reg S dollar bond    HSBC, Citi, MS, BAML  Roadshow: Sept 11 
  Honghua Group  Energy        Exp to price week of Sept 1 
China   ICBC Macau  Financials  Reg S dollar bond    HSBC, ICBC Intl, ICBC Macau, StanChart  Roadshow: Sept 1 
China  KWG Property  Property  Dollar bond       
China   Lenovo  Tech  Reg S dollar notes    Citi, ANZ, BOC, Barclays, BAML, BNP, CS, DBS, MUFJ  Roadshow: Apr 25 
China  Lenovo        CS, GS, BNP, BOCI, HSBC, Mitsubishi, Mizuho, RBS,    
  Lenovo        CS, GS, BNP, BOCI, HSBC, Mitsubishi, Mizuho, RBS,    
China   Maoye International           
China  Midea International Corp  Electronics  Dollar CP       
China   Ningxia Province  Ningxia  Dollar sukuk  1500     
China  Oceanwide   Property  Reg S dollar bond    Citic Int, UBS   
  Poly Real Estate  Property  Reg S dollar bond    Citic Securities, HSBC  Roadshow: Apr 15 
China   Shimao Property  Property      HSBC, StanChart, UBS, Goldman, JP Morgan   
China  Sinochem    Perpetual    UBS, Citi, GS, MS, HSBC   
  Sinopec        BAML, Citi, CICC, Citic, DB, GS, HSBC, JPM, MS, No   
  Sinopec  Oil & gas  Dollar fixed and/or FRN    Citi, HSBC, GS, CCB International, JPM, BOCI, MS,   April 
China   SMIC  Tech  144A/Reg S bond    DB, JPM   
  Sound Global  Waste  Dollar bond    Deutsche, HSBC   
China  Sunshine 100  Property  High-yield dollar    BNP, HSBC, Citi   
  Tencent  Technology  3Y dollar bond  Benchmark  Barclays, DB, JPM  Apr 22 
  Want Want    Reg S/144a    BAML, JPMorgan   
  West China Cement  Cement  Reg S    CS, Nomura  Roadshow: Sept 1-3 
  Yanzhou Coal    Perpetual    Barcap, Citi, DB, GS, UBS   
  Yanzhou Coal    Perpetual    Barcap, Citi, DB, GS, UBS   
Hong Kong  Champion REIT  Property      Citi, HSBC, UBS   
  China Taiping  Insurance  Reg S dollar bond    CCB Intl, HSBC, StanChart, Taiping Capital  Roadshow: Aug 28 
  Hong Kong  Sovereign  Dollar Sukuk  $1 billion     
  Hong Kong  Sovereign  5Y (or less) dollar sukuk  $1 billion  CIMB, HSBC, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, StanChart  Roadshow: Sept 1 
  Hysan Development   Real estate      HSBC, JP Morgan, UBS   
  Sun Hung Kai & Co  Financial   Dollar bond    StanChart, UBS   
Hong Kong   Wai Kee  Jewellery      UBS  Roadshow: Dec 11 in SG 
India  Aegis        Deutsche Bank,StanChart,UBS  Deferred 
India   Bank of India  Financials  Dollar perpetual       
India  Bharti Airtel        Barcap,DB,HSBC, Stanchart, UBS, BNP (joint lead),   Deferred 
  Essar Steel Holdings      $500m-1b  BAML/DB/SC/UBS   
  GMR Infrastructure  Infrastructure      Citi, HSBC, JPM, StanChart   
  HDFC Bank  Banking      BAML, Citi,JPM, StanChart   
  IDBI  Financials  Dollar bond    Citi, HSBC   
  iEnergizer  BPO company      Barclays, BNP, DBS, HSBC   
  Indian Bank  Financial  dollar bond    Citi, HSBC, RBS, StanChart   
  Indian Railway Finance  Transportation  Reg S dollar  Benchmark  ANZ, Barclays, Deutsche, RBS   
  JSW Steel  Commodities    $600mn     
  Lodha Developers  Real estate  USD Reg S    BAML, JPM  Early Jan 
  Mytrah Energy  Energy  144A/Reg S bonds    DB, Investec, StanChart  Roadshow: Sept 29 
  Oil India  Energy  Dollar bond    Citi, DB,HSBC, RBS, SCB  Apr 8 
  ONG Videsh        Citi, RBS, StanChart   
  ONGC Videsh  Oil & gas  144a dollar  $1 billion 5- & 10-year notes  Citi, Deutsche, StanChart   
  ONGC Videsh  Oil & gas  Dollar bond       
  Power Finance Corp  Energy  Dollar bond    Barclays, SBI Cap, SCB   
  Rolta    Reg S/144a    Barcap, Citi, DBS, DB   
  Rolta India  Tech  Dollar bond    Barclays, Citi  Roadshow: June 25 
  State Bank of India  Financial      BNP, Citi, DB, HSBC, JP Morgan   
  State Bank of India  Financial      BNP, Citi, DB, HSBC, JP Morgan   
  Suzlon Energy  Energy  Dollar  $400 million  BNP, DB, MS   
  Tata Communications  Services  Reg S dollar bond    ANZ, BAML, Barclays, HSBC, RBS, SCB  Roadshow: Sept 11 
  Union Bank of India  Financials  5.5Y dollar bond  Benchmark  BAML,BNP,Citi,JPM,SCB  Apr 22 
Indonesia  Aluco  Industrials  high-yield bond    DBS, BNP  Deferred 
  Berau Coal  Energy  Dollar bond  $450m  Citi, SCB  Postponed 
Indonesia   Duta Anggada Realty  Real estate      JPM  Roadshow finished: Nov 12 
Indonesia  Energi Mega Persada  Oil & Gas      Nomura  Deferred 
  Indika Energy        Citi, StanChart, UBS   
Indonesia   Indonesia  sovereign       DB, JP Morgan, StanChart   
Indonesia  Indonesia  Sovereign  USD sukuk    CIMB, Emirates NBD, HSBC, StanChart   
  Jababeka  Property  144A/Reg S bond    JPM, StanChart, UBS  Sept 17 
  Lippo Karawaci  Property  Dollar bond    Citi, DB, BAML, CS  April 
  Pertamina        Barcap, Citi, RBS   
  Pertamina        Barcap, Citi, RBS   
  Pertamina Persero  Oil & gas  Dollar    Barclays, Citi, HSBC   
  PT Bhakti Investama    Reg S/144a    DB   
  PT Bhakti Investama    Reg S/144a    DB   
  Republic of Indonesia  Sovereign  Euro bond    BAML, Citi, DB  Roadshow: June 26 
  Sritex  Garments  Dollar bond  $300 million  Barclays   
Japan  Development Bank of Japan  Financials  Reg S EUR green bond    BAML, MS, Citi, Daiwa   
  Mizuho Bank  Financials  Triple-tranche $ 144A/Reg S    Mizuho, BAML, GS, JPM  Apr 9 NY time 
  Orix  Conglomerate  144A/Reg S dollar bond    BAML, MS   
  Suntory  F&B  144A/Reg S 3Y & 5Y bond    MS, BAML, Citi, JPM, Barclays, BNP   
  Suntory Holdings  F&B  Dollar bond    BAML, Citi, MS  Roadshow: July 14 
Korea  Daegu Bank  Financial      Credit Agricole, DB, HSBC   
  GS Engineering & Construction  Construction      Barcap, Citi, Deutsche, HSBC   
  Industrial Bank of Korea  Financials      BNP, Citi, MS, RBS   
  Industrial Bank of Korea  Financial      Citi, GS   
  Kookmin Bank  Financial      Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Credit Agricole CIB   
  Kookmin Bank  Financial  Dollar bond    BAML,CS,HSBC,JPM,RBS,UBS   
  Kookmin Bank  Financials  Dollar bond    Barclays, BNP, BAML, Citi, SCB  Roadshow: June 16 
  Korea Development Bank  Financials  Dollar       
  Korea East-West Power  Utilities  Reg S    BAML, Citi, CS, HSBC, UBS   
Korea   Korea Exchange Bank  Financial      BAML, Citi, HSBC, ING, KEB, MS   
  Korea Expressway  Transport  3Y dollar bond  Benchmark  BAML, DB, GS, Nomura  Apr 22 
Korea  Korea Land and Housing Corp  Corporate  Dollar    BAML, CA, DB, JPM, RBS  Roadshow: Apr 14 
  Korea Resources  Energy      BAML, Citi, HSBC  Roadshow: April 16 
  Korea sovereign           
  Korea Western Power  Energy  Reg S bond    Barclays, BAML, StanChart   
  Nonghyup Bank  Financials  144A dollar bond    BAML, CA, DB, HSBC, Mizuho, StanChart   
  Nonghyup Bank  Financial  Reg S dollar  $300 million  Barclays, Citigroup, ING, StanChart  24/10/13 
  Shinhan Bank  Financial  dollar bond    BAML,BNP,DB,HSBC,StanChart   
  Suhyup Bank  Financials  Dollar       
  Woori Bank  Financials  Dollar bond    Barclays, BNP, BAML, CA, HSBC, JPM, Nomura  Roadshow: Apr 14 
  Woori Bank  Financials        Barclays, BNP, BAML, CA, HSBC, JPM, Nomura 
Malaysia  Ambank   Financials   Dollar bond    AMINVB, ANZ  June 26 
  IOI Corp  Plantations  Dollar bond    Citi, HSBC, MUFJ, MS   
  Malaysia Eximbank  Financial      BNP, CIMB, Maybank, Nomura   
  Parkson Retail        DBS, J.P. Morgan, Nomura   
  RHB Bank  Financials  Reg S dollar bond    BAML, DB, RHB   Roadshow: Sept 24 
Mongolia   Golomt Bank  Financial  dollar bond    DB, Morgan Stanley, UBS, QNB Capital   
Mongolia  Mongolian sovereign        BAML, DB, HSBC, JP Morgan, TDB Capital   
  Trade & Development Bank of Monglia  Financials  144A/Reg S dollar bond    BAML, GS, ING  Roadshow: July 3 
  Xac Bank  Financial  dollar bond    ING, UBS   
Pakistan  Pakistan  Sovereign  Dollar note    BAML, Barclays, Citi, DB   Apr 9 
  Pakistan  Sovereign  Dollar sukuk    Citi, DB, Dubai Islamic Bank, StanChart   
Philippines  Bloomberry Resorts  Property  Dollar    GS, UBS   
  ICTSI   Ports   Exchange offer     Citi, Credit Suisse   
  ICTSI   Ports   Exchange offer     Citi, Credit Suisse   
  Vista Land  Property   Dollar bond     DBS, HSBC   
Singapore  BOC Aviation  Transportation  144A/Reg S USD bond    BOCI, Citi, HSBC, JPM  Roadshow: Mar 18 
  Golden Agri-Resources  Plantation      CS, MUFG, OCBC  Roadshow: Apr 14 
  Golden Agri-Resources  Plantation      CS, MUFG, OCBC  Roadshow: Apr 14 
  OCBC  Financial  Basel III Tier 2 bond    BAML, HSBC, JPM, OCBC  Apr 8 
  Olam International     Dollar bond    ANZ, JPM, SCB   
Singapore   Pacnet        DBS, DB, GS, StanChart   
Singapore  UTAC  Tech      BAML, BOCI, CS, JPM, UBS  Deferred 
South Korea  Korea Resources  Energy  Dollar bond    BNP, Citi, HSBC  Roadshow: Mar 24-Apr 1 
  Republic of Korea  Sovereign      Citi, DB, GS, HSBC, KDB, Woori   
  Shinhan Bank  Financial Institution  144A/Reg S dollar deal    CA-CIB, DB, BAML, JPM  Roadshow: Mar 26 
Sri Lanka  National Savings Bank  Financials       Barclays, Citi, HSBC   
  National Savings Bank        Barclays, Citi, HSBC   
  Sri Lanka  Sovereign  Dollar bond       
Thailand  PTTEP        GS, HSBC, StanChart, UBS   
  Siam Commercial Bank  Bank  Dollar bond    Barclays, SCB  Apr 2 
  Thai Oil        Barclays, HSBC, StanChart   
Vietnam  Vietnam        Deutsche, HSBC, StanChart   
  Vinacomin  Coal & mineral  Reg S/144a    ANZ, Citigroup, Credit Agricole  Deferred 
  Vingroup  Real Estate       Citi   
  Vingroup  Real estate  144A/Reg S    CS/DB/ING